About this blog and its purpose

There are many things to do in Activeworlds virtual reality environment. I've chosen my way. It is a way of a builder. There are also many ways to build. My way is to create a virtual town.

The town is Horizon City. It was established January 2000 and it quickly became one of the most popular cities back then, with hundreds of builders. Besides that the town serves as historic reminder of how things were at Activeworlds, it is still constantly developing virtual experience, displaying latest features and architectural possibilities.

In this blog I will keep track how the things are going in Horizon City and in Activeworlds community.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Rawhiti Falls

Lord Perception is back in Horizon City. He continues building in his section of the city, which is now called Rawhiti Falls. I quote his blog here:
"Rawhiti Falls is born. Located in the Eastern sector of Horizon City, this will probably become my sole primary project in ActiveWorlds. The main theme of the estate will be centered around landscapes including rivers, gorges, bush land and of course falls, with some buildings amongst the scene."

Big welcome back to one of the greatest builders, Lord Perception!